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  December 2019

  Charlotte Madison, Nanoose Bay - December 12, 2019  
 #19 G.B. AND CHARLE.               #19   G.B. AND CHARLE The locals had... 
  Debbra Evans, Coquitlam - December 9, 2019  
 Happy Season/Solstice! Well, it’s December, Winter Solstice time and the Christmas Season, and my life got a... 
  Sonia Mocnik, Vancouver - December 5, 2019  
 catching up I had a wonderful opportunity to catch up with fellow watercolour and Plein air artist Esmie Gayo McLaren.... 
  Ian Semple, Vancouver - December 5, 2019  
 BOOK ALERT! Another book for your reading pleasure is on the way, hopefully to be available by Christmas. Stay tuned... 

  November 2019

  Brian Csati, Princeton - November 1, 2019  
 Le Galeriste fashion designers in Montreal, Canada Check out my new clothing... 

  October 2019

  Cindy Mawle, Bowser - October 3, 2019  
 Website I have decided to create a brand new website, so the address will take you to the new site while... 

  September 2019

  Peter Kiidumae, Nanoose Bay - September 28, 2019  
 NEW AND IMPROVED? Welcome to my new and improved website, patiently redesigned by Peter Newell of MyArtClub. I hope you... 
  Sybille Muschik, Quesnel - September 8, 2019  
 First tutorial video Hi everyone, So happy to launch my first video tutorial. It's a... 

  August 2019

  Denise Dupre, Coquitlam - August 27, 2019  
 Prints Now Available Professional archival prints on paper are now available for home or office of 'Kissed by the... 
  Carla Weaver, Parksville - August 9, 2019  
 Power We are all powerful in some way.  Our power comes from our core, our solar plexus, our connection to... 

  June 2019

  Anh Thuy, Burnaby - June 8, 2019  
 Look good feel good Eveymorning , I love looking to the mirror and feeling good about what I see . Smiling with yourself... 

  May 2019

  Allyson MacBean, Vancouver - May 22, 2019  
 Becoming an AFCA - Validation Monday, March 18, 2019 was, perhaps, one of the most significant days in my career as an... 

  April 2019

  LANNI SULJE, Port Moody - April 25, 2019  
 Joshua Tree Park In 2013 I visited some friends who were staying in Joshua Tree. We spent almost every day for a week in... 

  February 2019

  MyArtClub.Com, Coquitlam - February 25, 2019  
 Password protection enhancement on MyArtClub.Com Since MyArtClub.Com does not store any credit card information on our... 

  January 2019

  madelyn hamilton, West Kelowna - January 3, 2019  
 There's Something About January Yes, there is something about January.  There is not a lot of colour stimulation... 
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